Cofounders of Ululab

Francois Boucher-Genesse
Francois Boucher-Genesse
François Boucher-Genesse worked for major video game companies. He worked as a gameplay designer on the Halo series. He then left Bungie to achieve a master’s degree in education in order to find the best way to use video games as an educational tool. He designed Mecanika and participated as a consultant in the development of several educational games. He is in charge of R & D and design for Ululab.
Jean-Guillaume Dumont
Jean-Guillaume Dumont
Jean-Guillaume Dumont holds a BA in journalism, a BA in elementary education and a master’s degree in education. He has designed multiple educational activities as a teacher or consultant. He leverages his expertise in education and graphics to contribute to the design of games and he is in charge of communications.
Dany Joly
Dany Joly
After working six years at Microsoft on Internet Explorer and Windows 8, Dany Joly saw Ululab as an opportunity to work on innovative tools that will improve education. His experience and skills allow Ululab to program effective multiplatform games. He is in charge of planning, general management and production.

About Ululab


Our mission is to offer video games that are fun and pedagogically sound. The games focus on learning content directly inspired by mathematics and science curriculums.

We believe we can show that video games can offer much more than they do right now. We believe games can help kids develop an interest in science and mathematics. This naturally leads to better perseverance and performances at school, but also in career opportunities.

The team received multiple awards and grants that reflect the trust various organisms had towards the team and the need for the project.

  • The Breteau Foundation’s Entrepreneurs for Education Prize (2015)
  • Fondation Montréal Inc.’s grant (2013)
  • CDEC Centre-South’s Young Promoters grant (2013)
  • 3rd prize of Quebecor’s Pierre-Peladeau Grants (2012)
  • 1st prize of Sciences Management School of UQAM’s Mon Entreprise contest (2012)