Choosing a business name in Quebec is definitely not easy. Why? Because, in this bilingual province, you really need to find a name that is appropriate for both French and English.

iboolab origins

Compagny first logo. When we chose iboolab, we thought we had a great name because it was easy to pronounce and spell in French and in English. Moreover, the iboo part of name evokes in French an owl — an animal symbolizing knowledge. Meanwhile the lab part stands for laboratory — a place of experimentation and innovation. In addition, the name is short and easy to pronounce in French and in English. Once we had the owl logo, we fell in love with it.


Unfortunately, the romance was short-lived. Echoes from the Anglophone community were not always positive, particularly with the iboo part, because it hides all kinds of undesirable meanings and misunderstandings.

Consequently, two months after the incorporation we decided to change the company’s name. At that time, we could not foresee that it would take us almost a year to find our new name!

A very difficult process

Needless to say, the choice of the new name quickly became a nightmarish task. Here are the criteria we ideally wanted to meet:

  • Sound good both in French and in English
  • Is linked to education
  • Is related to game development
  • Has a maximum of three syllables
  • has a .com domain name available (very difficult!)
  • Suggests a nice logo
  • Be easy to pronounce
  • Is easy to remember
  • Is easy to spell
  • Is easy to remember
  • Does not hide undesirable meanings
  • Does not look like an existing name
  • Is original

After months and months of research, we have finally chosen a new name. Business cards were printed and we were ready to begin the transition. But, we could not bring ourselves to abandon our friendly animal totem…

The revelation

Suddenly, in less than 5 minutes, we found it! The idea did not come from a stroke of genius, but instead resulted from a simple search in a dictionary. In the owl’s lexical field, we found the verb to ululate — ululer in French — which means, “To utter the characteristic cry of an owl.” Eureka! That’s the base word for Ululab Inc. All criteria were met and we almost instantaneously adopted it.

New logo

The name change offered us a good opportunity to slightly modify the logo to soften its features and add subtle distortions to make it more organic and human. Can you see the difference?

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Logo d