« Cette application associe avec intelligence l’apprentissage et le jeu. »
La Souris Grise, La Souris Grise
« Slice Fractions est un jeu à part entière, auquel les enfants – et même les adultes – aimeront jouer. »
Maxime Johson, Journal Métro
« You’ll be surprised at how cleverly and holistically it teaches fractions. »
« The game is so fun, they won’t realize they are gradually learning about fractions. »
Eric Pramono, Geeks With Juniors
« The app is well-constructed, well-designed, and the execution through the levels is very well considered. »
UKEdChat, ukedchat
« It has mastered teaching kids about fractional math without having overt lessons to do so. »
Nicole Tanner, MacLife
« The math concept introductions and level progressions are so well designed. »
iGameMom, iGameMom
« There’s just a great flow to the entire experience, so that it keeps leading the user forward level by level. »
Trevor Sheridan, AppleNApps
« The animation is first-class– each personality is astonishingly lovable. »
Robert Nardis, iPhone Firmware
« Fantastic for kids who think they can’t do math! »
Fun 2 Tap, Fun 2 Tap


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