So you’d like to learn more about how Math Makers teaches your kids?

You’re in the right place.

Mistakes are Valued

There is no penalty for making a mistake. In fact, we encourage it.

Many of our levels appear to have an obvious solution at first, only it doesn’t work when the kid tries it. We designed these levels specifically so that your child makes mistakes. This encourages them to re-evaluate their solutions, develop critical thinking, and try something new, all keys to developing a growth mindset. Additionally, when a child makes a mistake, and then works out a new solution, they are more likely to remember it than if they had succeeded on their first attempt. Your child can also restart a level anytime, and replay it as many times as they want. If they fail several times in a row, we’ll drop in clues to help them out.

Self-Paced Learning

In Math Makers, there is no time limit.

Your child can take their time figuring out each puzzle at their own pace, and even replay puzzles multiple times to solve them in different ways. Many games have a timer, or time limit, which adds unnecessary stress to a kid’s learning experience, and can often act as a barrier to it.

Multiple Visual Math Manipulatives

Each math concept taught by Math Makers follows a different visual model.

For instance, fractions are taught with an area model. The players are presented with shapes, divided into equal parts, and can therefore form a mental construct of what fractions represent. Multiplication is taught with machines that represent multiplication as repeated additions, subtraction is shown by having ice and lava blocks canceling each other, and so on.

No Need to Read

Some children find it difficult to process many words telling them what to do, or explaining concepts to them, especially if they’ve just begun to read (or can’t read yet!).

Math Makers doesn’t use language at all, relying on the actions of our characters and the visual cues to help kids understand how to play. This effectively removes the language barrier, immersing your child directly into the gameplay and subsequently the puzzles of Math Makers.

Being Creative with Math

Our Creative Mode allows kids to create their own problems and puzzles that other kids can solve.

In the immortal words of Frank Oppenheimer, “the best way to learn is to teach”!

What our Customers Say

  • Beautiful, motivating, fun app for my son to practice math My son has learning differences, buy he loves his tablet time each day. He is solving very amazing puzzles to move levels up. He gets to practice his mental math, math facts and he thinks he is only playing. It really helps with his confidence too, love this

    Paula Poblete

  • As a homeschool family, we have found this game invaluable for introducing math concepts and operations to our 4 year old. After two months of guided play, my child's number sense and intuitive math ability have skyrocketed beyond my expectations, laying a solid foundation for the first grade math curriculum we will be following. I appreciate the play-based pegagogical approach that the developers have pursued in the game design, I can affirm that it really works for younger learners. Thank you!

    Roger Maitri Brindle

  • My daughter loves this app and would happily play for hours if I let her. She is fully engaged, challenged and always asking to play! Today she was excited to create her own level in creative mode for other kids to play. Awesome app and Canadian made - even better 🙂

    Brette Hamilton

  • This is exactly what I have been looking for! My 6 year-old grandson has a speech and language disability and can find it hard to process lots of words telling him what to do or explaining concepts to him. Like Slice Fractions, which I already have for my older grandchildren, Math Makers doesn't use language at all. I've recently subscribed for him - and he loves it! Normally he's quite hard to engage - but the first time we tried Math Makers, he engaged enthusiastically for about 20-25 minutes, which I have never experienced him to do before. I'm so pleased with this app - excellent!


  • Both I and my 6 year old love this app. She doesn't even realize she is learning Math but I can see it and the troubleshooting in how she deals with in life issues not just those math related. Thank yall so much for making it.

    Mary Guokas