Want to make math easier for your students?

Math Makers is 100% FREE for educators, and is proven by researchers to improve kids’ understanding of difficult math concepts

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Quick Summary:

  • Runs on iPad, iPhone and Android

  • No personal information is stored, kids privacy is respected

  • Completely FREE for educators, and every student in their classes

  • Can be played without sound or text

  • Online portal to track students’ progress (coming soon)

  • Kids drag numbers to solve math problems

Math Makers covers the following topics:

First Grade

Small operations
Unknown Parts
Tens grouping
Place Value
Advanced Place Value

Second Grade

Comparing Numbers
Operations with tens
Operation strategies
Complex additions
Hundred blocks
Addition and Subtraction strategies

Third & Fourth Grade

Group counting
Recognizing & identifying groups
Read an array to find the multiplication
Multiplying by zero

Third & Fourth Grade

Area model
Advanced commutativity
Advanced associativity

Third & Fourth Grade

Group division
Cutting shapes
Comparing shapes
Reading symbols
Denominator and numerator
Circular diagrams
Size comparison
Numerical representation of fractions

Fifth and Sixth Grade

How to slice a whole into equal shares
Read fractions using only numbers
Multiplication using numbers
Find the common denominator
Manipulate big fractions > 1
Knowing fractions are part of a whole

All Grades

Creative Mode is suitable for all ages and grades. It allows kids to apply the math concepts they know by building their own levels.

Coming Soon

We’re always working on new content, and the next one is advanced multiplication.

What our Customers Say

  • Beautiful, motivating, fun app for my son to practice math My son has learning differences, buy he loves his tablet time each day. He is solving very amazing puzzles to move levels up. He gets to practice his mental math, math facts and he thinks he is only playing. It really helps with his confidence too, love this

    Paula Poblete

  • As a homeschool family, we have found this game invaluable for introducing math concepts and operations to our 4 year old. After two months of guided play, my child's number sense and intuitive math ability have skyrocketed beyond my expectations, laying a solid foundation for the first grade math curriculum we will be following. I appreciate the play-based pegagogical approach that the developers have pursued in the game design, I can affirm that it really works for younger learners. Thank you!

    Roger Maitri Brindle

  • My daughter loves this app and would happily play for hours if I let her. She is fully engaged, challenged and always asking to play! Today she was excited to create her own level in creative mode for other kids to play. Awesome app and Canadian made - even better 🙂

    Brette Hamilton