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Montreal, Canada

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January 11th, 2018


iPhone / iPad (iOs)
Google Android – upcoming

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The sequel to Slice Fractions, the acclaimed and multi award-winning game – Best of 2014 and Editor’s choice of the Apple Store.
An adventure that reveals the mysteries of fractions! Help Mammoth get his stolen hat back with the help of new creatures that move, multiply and reveal hidden fractions.


  • Gradually learn fractions with brand new game mechanics
  • Experience an activity designed with researchers at a Canadian university (UQAM)
  • Solve over 100 unique physics puzzles in 3 colorful worlds
  • Free friendly pet friends that follow you in your adventure
  • Play in a safe, digital environment: no ads or in-app purchases
  • Choose between 15 languages: Danish, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese

Efficacy proven by research

A study conducted by researchers of the University of Quebec at Montréal (UQAM) demonstrated that the original game Slice Fractions significantly improved students’ performance in a very short amount of time. Learn more by watching a quick summary video.
Slice Fractions 2 has been developed using similar philosophy.

Important note

Please note that you can unlock all levels in the settings menu. That way you can see the story or try new game mechanics late in the progression.
The first part of the game reintroduces fractions, this time with a new twist. New fractions concepts appear halfway through the game.

About Ululab

Ululab is a studio that produces fun and pedagogically sound video games. We strive to ensure that these games are intuitive and will lead to profound conceptual learning. We believe we can push the limits of game-based learning.


Slice Fractions 2 – A Sillier Math Puzzle Journey | Release Trailer on YouTube

Screenshots & icon

Screenshots - 1 - Gardens

Screenshots - 2 - Dusk

Slice Fractions 2 - Icon

Screenshots - 3 - Narwhals

Screenshots - 4 - Ghosts


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