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Montreal, Canada

Founding Date:
April 2012

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Slice Fractions
Slice Fractions 2
Math Makers


Ululab is all about one thing: impacting the world in a positive way through videogames. The sad truth is most educational games on the market are low quality, and bore children long before they learn anything. Ululab’s mission is to make fun games, that children want to play, and that teach them something along the way.


The Origin Story
After working on Halo 3 in 2007, François Boucher-Genesse realized the work he did had a considerable impact on millions of people. He wanted to ensure his impact was a positive one, and decided to move into educational games for children. He obtained a Master’s in Education, and combined it with his experience developing triple A games. He enlisted the aid of fellow developers Jean-Guillaume Dumont and Dany Joly, and in 2012 the trio founded Ululab, a videogames company devoted to making quality educational games for kids.

The Success Story
Ululab released Slice Fractions in 2014, a game that teaches kids fractions hidden in fun and wacky gameplay. With its colorful characters and easy learning curve, it took the world by storm, winning dozens of awards and becoming a runaway success. This led the team to develop a sequel shortly after, and Slice Fractions 2 also won numerous awards upon its release in 2018.

The Current Story
After its success with teaching kids fractions, the Ululab team decided to set its sights on a newer, more advanced game, one that would allow kids to explore more than just fractions. Math Makers was the result. By using a subscription model for the game, Ululab can create an educational toolkit that develops and grows alongside the children that play it, allowing them to discover new math problems and concepts for many years to come.


Slice Fractions
Slice Fractions 2
Math Makers





Slice Fractions:

  • Best of 2014 — App Store, Apple!
  • Apple Editor’s Choice — App Store, Apple
  • Best Original Digital Content 2015 — Youth Media Alliance
  • Best New Interactive Media 2015 — Numix
  • Best Family Friendly Game 2014 — Indie Prize Showcase Awards
  • Gold Medal Winner 2014 — International Serious Play Awards
  • Editor’s Choice for Excellence in Design — Children’s Technology Review
  • Winner of a Parents’ Choice Gold Award 2014
  • Silver Winner 2014 — National Parenting Publications Awards
  • Best Game Audio Nomination 2014 — Indie Prize Showcase Awards

Slice Fractions 2

  • Editor’s Choice for Excellence in Design — Children’s Technology Review
  • 2018 International Serious Play Awards Gold Medal Winner
  • Bologna Ragazzi Digital Award 2018 Winner

Math Makers

  • Youth Media Alliance Public choice awards 2022
  • Serious Play Awards Gold metal winner 2022
  • Gee! Learning Game Awards winner 2022
  • Educational App store certified 5 star
  • How to Homeschool Best Elementary homeschool resource and curriculum 2021
  • Games for Change best learning game nominee 2022

Team and Collaborators

Game design
François Boucher-Genesse
Raphaël Dely
Caroline Palardy
Jade Tremblay

Danny Forest
Gabriel Sauvé

Sanaa Legdani

Pierre-Yves Dansereau
Rami Nuseir

Kitty Crawford

Renilda de Dios

Justin Bell
Mathieu Lavoie (Vibe Avenue)
Xavier Fecteau (Vibe Avenue)

Laurent Mascherpa
Pierre Moisan, CEIM

Pedagogical advising & Research
Stéphane Cyr Ph.D. , Department of Mathematics
Virginie Houle Ph.D. , Department of Education
Martin Riopel Ph.D. , Department of Didactic

Adam Dubé Ph.D., Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology
Run Wen, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Educational & Counselling Psychology
Gulsah Kacmaz, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Educational & Counselling Psychology

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