We change how kids learn math.

Our mission at Ululab is to have a lasting impact on kids’ learning.

Math Makers achieves this through fun physics puzzles that encourage kids to make mistakes, and use their reasoning to improve. This “cognitive conflict” approach, well-covered in education literature, is at the core of all our games.

Made For Kids, By Big Kids!

We’re a team of designers, developers, and players! Hailing from Montreal, Canada, we build videogames that are fun, educational and accessible for ALL kids.

We believe videogames can offer much more than they currently do, and they can help kids develop an interest in mathematics and a life-long passion for STEM.

Meet our Awesome Team

Abdelrahman Nasreldin

Data Analyst

Annie Rodrigue

Lead Artist

François Boucher-Genesse


Gabriel Sauvé

Front-End Developer

Jade Tremblay

Game Designer

Kitty Crawford


Raphael Dely

Game Designer

Renilda de Dios

Operations Manager

And how about our Amazing Partners