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General FAQ

What is the aim for Math Makers?

Math Makers was created with the assistance of university professors and trained educational experts to cater to the most difficult areas of math for kids.

Our aim is to eliminate the main reasons kids dislike math in school – areas such as fractions, place value, and algebra. These days, industries are having difficulty hiring engineers. Part of that is how math is taught at an early level, and how this affects kids’ interest in the subject.

Our goal is to help get kids interested in math instead of fearing it.

You’ll find that Math Makers is different from all other mathematics apps – our game doesn’t just give kids math practice, but actively teaches math in a fun and engaging way that creates interest and passion.

What does Math Makers teach?

Math Makers is a constantly evolving app, and we will be adding content often.

Our focus is on improving particularly counter-intuitive areas for children, instead of covering in detail the entirety of the math curriculum in a given school year.

We currently cover:

  • Counting, representation, comparison, classification, order, expressions, equivalents, decomposition, regularities.
  • Operational skills: addition, subtraction. The first steps towards multiplication and division.
  • Fractions: part-whole partitioning, numerator / denominator notation, equivalent fractions, ordering, adding fractions, subtracting fractions from 1, fraction multiplication, finding the common denominator, fractions bigger than 1.
  • Comprehensive coverage of Common Core Math Standards in foundational arithmetic concepts: (K.CC), (K.OA to 5.OA), (1.GA to 3.GA), (K.OA to 5.NBT), (3.NF to 5.NF).

In future updates we will be covering formulas more in-depth, as will launch an adventure dedicated to multiplication. If there are any particular areas of math you believe your child is struggling with, we encourage you to reach out to us below to let us know, as we are open to feedback on what area of math we should look at next.

What kind of new content will I see in the game? How often?

In its initial launch, Math Makers will be updated on a bi-monthly basis. Mini updates will revolve around cosmetics such as new pets, and mini levels that will encourage players to replay pre-existing content for practice. Larger updates will come in the form of brand new adventures exploring new areas of mathematics, and a Creative Mode that will allow players to create their very own math levels.

When will new levels be available?

Ululab is actively working on Math Makers to improve the game, including adding new features and new levels. Sign up to our newsletter and never miss an update.

What age range is best of Math Makers?

Math Makers packages are designed to suit multiple age ranges. Small and Big Numbers are suited for kids 4-6, whilst Slice Fractions is better suited to 7-10 year olds.

My child is a pre-reader/ELL student/has a reading disability. Can they use Math Makers?

Yes! Math Makers does not use words to teach math. The game is completely visual-based, allowing kids of all abilities to play and learn.

Is Math Makers Available in schools?

Yes! You can find out more informatino about this on our Educator page.

I don’t see math/fractions in the game!

The first levels do not appear to have any clear math/fractions in them, and as such look like a regular game. This is intentional – it gets the children’s attention and also subtly teaches them principles that will be important in the future (ex: fractions of a certain shape need to be separated into equal parts). The math/fraction notations will appear gradually, first through visual symbols, then with actual numbers/fractions. It should take no more than an hour to reach numerical equations/fractions, depending on which Adventure they started with.

Is there any way to reset the game?

For Math Makers, you can delete the child’s account and create a new one in the profile select screen.

Slice Fractions does not have an option to reset the game. You can use one of these two workarounds:

  • For Slice Fractions, uninstall the game, then redownload it from the App Store or Google Play. This will clear the game state. You don’t have to buy the app again. The buy button should now be a Download button and selecting it will simply reinstall Slice Fractions.
  • Use the level select menu to set the game back to level 1-1. This option is easier, but it will not clear out hats gathered while playing the game.

Billing and Accounts

Is Math Makers Free?

You have a 7-day free trial after you agree to a subscription. You will be charged once the trial expires.

Why a Subscription?

We want to continue teaching and inspiring kids around the world for a long time. The new subscription plan is the best way to deliver high-quality and super fun educational content that keeps children learning and creating month after month. In addition, this model allows us to avoid in-game advertisements and in-app purchases, which we are staunchly against.

How often will I be billed?

Your billing cycle is determined by the date that you subscribe, as well as the membership option you select. For a monthly subscription, your renewal date is one month from your purchase date.

How do I cancel?

We’re sorry to see you go! Our learning app has a ton of different content, please have your child explore for all seven days of the trial so they get a chance to solve puzzles, have fun and learn about mathematics.

If after your trial you’d still like to cancel your subscription to Math Makers, please follow these directions:

Apple App Store (iOS) – cancel your subscription here.
Google Play Store (Android) – cancel your subscription here. If the cancellation button does not appear, please contact us using the contact box below with your Google Play ID from your original e-receipt (the number begins with “GPA”) so we can manually cancel it for you.

If I purchase a Math Makers subscription on iOS, will it work on Android?

Yes! You can sign up with an iOS device, and then play the game on an Android device (and vice versa), so long as you log in with the same information you registered with.

Does Math Makers collect any private data on my child?

No. We are COPPA-compliant and do not collect any private data on our players.

Can multiple children register on one account?

You can register up to 3 children on one Math Makers account. You can register them after purchasing your subscription. Multiple children can use Math Makers at the same time, provided they are using different devices.

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